Me, and Color.

For all of you who didn’t know, My vision is very VERY bad. And yet, my artistic abilities seem to thrive off of it. Ironic isn’t it? I”d like to say I benefit from this particular loss. It’s interesting that my body works harder to see when usually its something people take for granted.

Now i didn’t say that artistic talent and recognising artistic elements comes naturally for everyone. But i think I am fortunate to be visually stunted AND BOTH artistically inclined. Color, composition, line, texture, etc…. It’s all very juicy and familiar to me.

Often when i read articles about color theory, or attempt to take a class, I’m very much feeling in my element and everything pointed out to me is like.. DUH! Why couldn’t you see it? Take this article.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Color.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but the main points it makes are things I’d like to think you teach a first grader. Aren’t these things obvious? “analyze color undertones”… “colors change according to their surroundings”.. color psychology… Red is passionate and white is virginal and pure. These things come within us, they’re inherent. Why should this be taught? We’re born knowing it.

I guess the point here is awareness of color. There are ofcourse color preferences, but most general rules concerning color prove true for everyone. A red background on a site or graphic will make you feel more anxious than say a pastel green might.

For those more interested in color, I highly recommend the highly popular … where you can create your own patterns, colors, color schemes, etc. It’s a very good tool for every web and graphics designer.


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